Okay, I Totally Get It. When It Comes To Your Health...
  • ​You’re not really sure how or where to start
  • ​Sometimes it's confusing and you just need someone to tell you what to do
  • ​You'd love to hire a personal trainer, but you're not quite ready for that level of commitment 
Imagine how it would feel if you...
...Could save time by taking out the guesswork for a healthy weight loss meal plan.
...Tackled work, with an extra pep in your step, closed more deals and made more money.
...Had enough energy to enjoy more precious moments with your kids.
The truth is, you can do all that and so much more!
A 4 Week guided kickstart to weight loss
Here's What You Will Get:
15 Minute Workout Videos
(Value of $197)
22 Guided Fitness Videos for the Entire Month.
Simple Weekly Tips (Value of $97)
5 Minute Weekly Videos to Improve Your Consistency
Meal Plan (Value of $57)
Simple & Flexible Guide
For Only $67
This Program Is Unlike Any Other!
  • I’ve garnered years of experience with hundreds of one-on-one personal training consultations from all types of people and pulled out the simplified, proven methods to kickstart your journey to a healthier you. Whether your goals are weight loss or improving your energy and productivity, this will take things to the next level. 
  • ​I know because I’ve personally tested this methodology for simple and sustainable results with a workout regime and a nutrition plan created and planned out for you so you don't have to think about what to do next- you can just do it
  • CEO’s and busy professionals are my specialty. So, it was super important to create a program that would incorporate into any lifestyle and save you time (as you know, time is money). 
  • ​Just one, one hour personal training session could cost up to $100 an hour, but this program provides everything you need to get started to the new and improved you, for the first four weeks at only $67

Are You Ready To

Kickstart your weight loss, save time and money through a cost effective proven method and get on that path to feeling incredible everyday?!

15 Min Workout Videos 
Start getting active in just 15 minutes a day. The first few days, workouts will cover basic techniques to avoid any potential injuries. Each week, the workouts will progressively build in intensity while you begin to learn more advanced moves and burn some serious calories! 
Simple Weekly Tips to Improve Your Consistency
Discover methods to implement daily and stay consistent on your new nutrition and fitness routine. Each tip is designed to help you gradually shift specific habits to healthier ones and prioritize your self-care, without the overwhelm of changing everything at once. 

Flexible Meal Plan
A guide with a comprehensive foods list so you know exactly what you can eat whether you're buying food at the grocery store to cook at home or eating out. Flexible enough for you to still be able eat the foods that you love. 

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Receive Access to:

Bonus #1:Ab Workout Series
($37 Value)

Tone up and strengthen your core with a series of 14 simple follow along ab workout videos. 

Bonus #2: How to Effectively Track Your Food on MyFitnessPal
(Value of $27)

Learn how to use and interpret MyFitnessPal to get instant feedback on your food choices and maintain your weight loss. 

Bonus #3: 25 Healthy On-the-Go Snacks
(Value of $19)

All snacks are available on Amazon to save you time and energy trying to figure out what “healthy” snacks you should eat.
Total Value: $434
For Only $67

Hey there! I'm Stephanie!

Former Pre-Med Graduate turned Health Coach and Certified Personal Trainer. In the last 8 years, I have helped thousands of people lose weight, boost their confidence and manage stress through my step by step “Sustainable Fit-life” nutrition and fitness method. This proven method has produced incredible results for CEOs and busy professionals enabling them to reach their goals to be more productive with optimal energy, conquer big career milestones to make more money and live life to their fullest potentials.

My specialty is to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle versus you trying to adapt to challenging and difficult changes just to get healthy. I do this by fusing the best methods in a simple way that literally guides you through what to do in just 15 minutes a day. This way, it will be easier for you to integrate into your life and sustain your results. 

My philosophy is to simplify health and fitness concepts so you don’t have to worry about the overwhelm. Think of me like the smart Asian girl that did all the studying for you. This time you get to take advantage of my years of knowledge and it’s not cheating!!! 

I’m here to help you take control of your health, take those first steps to start losing weight and more importantly, keep it off. When you feel good, you can do great things! 

Check Out What These Excited Clients Are Saying:

Working with Steph is truly amazing! I have lost 34 lbs and am still going! I love that I don’t have to sit there and search for workout, all I do is open up my app and my workout is already scheduled and ready to do! She sets you up for success and she’s there for you 100%! I honestly love working with Steph! 

Brenda R., Venue Owner
Stephanie has gone above and beyond to help me with my transformation. I have lost 30 lbs and am still going! I used to think that fitness was a grind or something I would just have to exert so much energy in and then set it aside. However, she helped change my mind into believing fitness as a lifestyle. I definitely recommend her to anyone that's looking to make a change in their lives!

Don P., Educator
I used to go on diet after diet and the thought of working out was challenging for me. Once I started with Steph, I began to eat better and move my body more with the simple workouts. I learned to positively shift my relationship with food and stay active while gradually dropping 70lbs! I have never felt more amazing and absolutely love how I feel!

Blanca V., Photographer

I lost inches off my hips, stomach & waist while also gaining muscle. More importantly I learned how to properly track my food intake and make smarter food choices. I no longer get daily headaches, crash (due to low energy) at 3pm, and DO NOT crave sugar & carbs like I used to!!!

- Nina P. Registered Nurse, Cardiac & Neuro Unit
I absolutely love working with Stephanie. Her methods are simple and easy to follow, especially when traveling on the road. With a combination of eating healthier and having Stephanie coach me, I have lost 14 lbs of fat and 8% body fat. I am going to continue for the next 10! I definitely recommend working with Stephanie!

Lisa M., CEO
Here’s what I love about Stephanie’s program: I have lost 16 pounds, I'm building muscle and losing fat, and I can squeeze a 15-20 minute workout in my pajamas and bed bun before my morning shower leaving me feeling revved up for the day. The moves are simple, gradual and easy on my body to prevent injuries. There is an easy to follow food program- I went with the pick your own foods. I love her positive attitude and support! 

Michelle S., Spa Director
Stephanie knows how to kick your toosh in gear! After just two weeks of working out with her, I was able to feel and notice improvements! Stephanie is the best inside and out!

Jessica W., Medical Esthetician

If you lead a busy life, want to kickstart your weight loss, learn to stay consistent, and get a personal training feel on your journey, this is for you!

Here’s A Recap of

15 Minute Workout Videos
(22 Videos) 
(Value of $197)

Simple Weekly Tips 
(Value of $97)

​Effective Meal Plan 
(Value of $57)

Bonus #1:Ab Workout Series
($37 Value)

Bonus #2: How to Effectively Track Your Food on MyFitnessPal
(Value of $27)

Bonus #3: 25 Healthy On-the-Go Snacks
(Value of $19)

Total Value: $434
For Only $67
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  • Do you feel like this isn't quite in your budget? Not only is it less than your second cup of coffee daily (without the midmorning energy crash), but for the price of eating out ONCE at dinner with a friend, you get a guide to good nutrition and improved fitness to last a lifetime.
  • Maybe you're too busy to start a new program: This program was created for busy people just like you to easily integrate into their schedules! In just 15 minutes a day, you can begin to gain more energy, feel better, increase your productivity and lose weight! Simply swap 15 minutes of social scrolling for 15 minutes to invest in your health!
  • Are you just too tired to even think of having to get more active? No worries! The program comes with an easy to follow nutrition plan that will help you gain more energy quickly. So, not only will you begin to have more energy to do your workouts, you’ll even beat the end of day exhaustion and be able to keep up with your kids!
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